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Gay Cruise Prank Package

Gay Cruise Prank Package

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Prank a friend by mailing this 'Gay Cruise' prank package to their doorstep! It's 100% anonymous. The package is completely covered in embarrassing jokes that will make them die laughing. Large 9x12" size.

What's inside? An optional personalized note, some tissue paper, and a "You Got Pranked!" card. ✨🍭 Add a glitter bomb greeting card, big handful of candy, or condoms & lube (with door hanger) for only $5 extra! Personalized message delivered via email.

Shipping is anonymous, fast and free! We ship directly to your prank target's doorstep. Ships within one business day via USPS. Tracking included.

We Only Ship to US Addresses

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Dan Balos

The package was great! My only issue was it was not delivered to the person for signature, it was left in the mailbox. I had to tell him to go check his mailbox. I received a message saying it was delivered and signed for. NOT TRUE

Mail Lady did a quick back look at my house

I didn't send this, but I was the unfortunate blind receiver of this package. The mail lady we get assigned to our mail route for the past couple of years was looking at me very strangely until she walked off and paused twice to looked back at my house while she was walking to the neighbor. I just laughed knowing who I think sent this. Hilarious! Loved it!

Heather Green
Sooo worth it

Absolutely perfect prank! He still doesn’t know it was me 😂 the packaging had so many funny things all over it.. we are still laughing about it!

Holly Perry
Best support!!

I had troubles with sending the package to my parents house. It said something like "house # not found" So I email customer service and told them what happened. Maybe I type it in wrong? So Collin was super helpful, and he advised that my parents # was right, and he even looked it up on Google and the house is here.
Collin thinks that my carrier was (not his exact words) but shy? Maybe he felt awkward?
So I did the glitter bomb instead of signing for the package.
Everything went great! My dad got his package on my birthday!! I went to my parents house for my bday, and I was super stoked that I could see his reaction.
10/10 would definitely recommend!! Collin, you were so understanding, and caring. Thank you so much!!

Michael Shearer
Mailman asked to deliver it personally to see who it’s for

Ordered this for the boss at work. I’ve been doing pranks every Christmas on him and this was a new one. The mailman brought the mail into the office and said “I have got to see who this is for. Can I deliver myself to him?” This was the $5 extra experience I didn’t even pay for. This mailman thought it was hilarious. Now the entire office was wondering what it was. So they all followed him. My boss is a big hairy straight man (supposedly). Everybody had a great laugh. The funny part is my boss has zero patience and there is a QR code on the package that says it will tell you who it’s from. Apparently it’s a king bullshit process, because it pissed him off tremendously to have to fill out the forms. Highly recommend

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