Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We'll do the dirty work for you! Choose a prank package, customize it, and enter your prank target's shipping address. We'll handle the rest! All pranks are delivered anonymously unless you add a personalized note that reveals your identity. Learn more about how it works here.

Who's address should I ship to?
We ship directly to your prank recipient. Enter their shipping address on the product page. If you enter your address, the joke is on you!

Is shipping free?
Shipping is free! We offer fast and free shipping via USPS Ground Advantage. Tracking is included. US addresses only. See our full shipping policy here.

How fast is shipping?
We're lightning fast! ⚡📦 We ship within one business day of your purchase. Delivery usually takes around 3 to 6 days. US addresses only. See our shipping policy here.

Can I track the delivery of my package?
Yes! We'll send you a tracking number after your order ships. That way you can keep tabs on when your prank target receives their surprise.

Can I speak to the manager?
Listen here, Karen. We aren't doing this today.

Is it really anonymous?
We take anonymity seriously. Your prank recipient will have no idea who pranked them. Shh, it's our little secret.🤫 Our service is always 100% anonymous as long as you're sending to a friend's home address for light-hearted fun. You can choose to reveal your identity in a personalized note. Add a personalized note to your prank package for free!

Can I send a prank package to a business address?
Yes! That's super spicy. I like the way you think. But please be aware that your identity may be at risk of being revealed when sending to a business address. It's our customer's responsibility to choose a prank the recipient and business will find appropriate and funny.

Can I customize my prank package?
Absolutely! We offer a wide range of customizations and add-ons to make your prank extra special. Choose your customizations on the product page before adding it to the cart. Read below for more about customizations and add-ons.

Can I add a personalized note?
Yes! 📝 You can choose to add a personalized note inside your prank package for free. Use it to take credit for your prank, rub it in, or remain mysterious. Personalized notes are delivered digitally to your prank recipient.

How does the glitter bomb card work?
Our glitter bomb card is a fan favorite. For just $5 extra, we'll glue a packet of glitter into a randomly selected greeting card. When they open it... BOOM! Glitter explosion!! ✨ Be prepared to hear the laughter from miles away.

How does signature-required delivery work?
Want to make things extra embarrassing for your prank recipient? Make them sign for it with signature-required delivery. It's just $5 more! Make sure your recipient will be present to sign for it when it's delivered.

How do you ensure anonymity of the sender? 🕵️‍♂️
We use a fake return address for all our prank packages:
Hugh Jass
69 Cheeky St
Fort Worth, TX 76179

Can I send multiple prank packages in one order?
You sure can! Each prank package will require you to enter the address you'd like it to be shipped to before you can add it to the cart. Add as many prank packages and recipients as you'd like.

Can I send multiple prank packages to the same address?
Yes! We will ship one of your prank packages per day until your entire order has shipped. That way they don't all arrive at once! This only applies if your order includes multiple prank packages being shipped to the same address and same person.

Can I prank someone outside of the USA?
Not yet 😟 we hope to offer international shipping soon!

Want to hand-deliver a prank package to your target?
No problem! Just select 'DELIVER TO MYSELF' when customizing your prank. We'll deliver it to you discreetly. Then you can fill your prank package with whatever you want and deliver it to your target yourself.

What's the refund policy? ↩️
Refunds, returns, and exchanges are only available in certain situations. Review our full refund policy here.

Can I cancel my order?
Contact us immediately if you would like to cancel. Orders cannot be canceled after they have shipped. We ship very quickly, so we cannot guarantee that your cancellation will be approved. But we will do our best to accommodate your request!

Can I change the shipping address after I place my order?
Please contact us immediately, and we'll do our best to help. We cannot guarantee that we can change the shipping address after an order has been placed. If an order has shipped, there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Are your prank packages safe?
Our prank packages are designed to be harmless and safe. However, use your best judgment when selecting and executing your prank. Always consider the safety and sense of humor of yourself and others.

Can I request a specific delivery date?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates. But we can do our best to get it there on or around a specific date! Leave us a note at checkout to request a specific delivery date. We will hold your shipment until a few days before so that it is more likely to arrive on time.

Do you offer bulk orders?
Idk, maybe? No one has asked yet, but we would be interested to hear your offer! Contact us.

Can I suggest a new prank idea?
Heck yeah, brother. 🤝 We love to hear new prank ideas from our customers. Contact us with your suggestion, and who knows, it might become our next bestseller!

Have a question you can't find the answer to?
Contact us. We will get back to you shortly.